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My Story

I began my real estate career in 2002, as a career pivot from marketing, incorporating 20+ years experience in marketing and sales into my real estate mission. Challenges awaited me as I was certainly on a distinct learning curve. Although I shadowed a top producer, much of my education in the early years was hit and miss. I hit some targets and missed opportunities by not having formal coaching.

As a ‘shadow’ to a top producer, my first sale was the DAY THAT I PASSED MY EXAM. Yes, extraordinary, and unusual. It was exhilarating and encouraging. However, in my first year of working 7 days/ week, holding open houses for any agent in ANY area regardless of driving time, stamping and labeling postcards, literally door knocking for listings, I earned a whopping $30K.

In the following 5 years I grew my business into 6 figure earnings where I was earning upwards of $400K a year. I traded in my Ford Contour for a 5 series BMW and hired a full time assistant. While you do NOT need to drive a luxury car in order to make more money, like chicken soup, it doesn’t hurt. Every time I got into that car, I was grateful for believing in myself and knowing that I could make it happen and continue my path of success.

Foreseeing the impending 2007/ 2008 downturn, I pivoted. I learned key lessons about dealing with fluctuations in the market:

  • Always be ready for change and never let a flourishing market fool you into believing that you are set for life.

  • Be humble, be cautiously optimistic, and SAVE your hard-earned money. Never rest on your laurels.

  • Closing a multimillion-dollar sale is great and worthy of celebration. Yet, it’s back to showings, research, follow up and generating new business the next day.

I began traveling from Florida to Arizona on a regular basis after meeting my husband in 2013. We have a robust social life in Greater Phoenix, and my Arizona friends encouraged me to get licensed and complement my time out west with potential business. The next pivotal moment came with the onset of Covid-19 lockdown in Spring 2020. I chose to spend 90 hours very efficiently and studied for my Arizona real estate license. My first transaction as an Arizona agent was for a $2.3 Million sale!

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"You're either networking or not working. Building a valuable circle of influence is key."

Your First Step To Success

Are you ready to create a sustainable, enjoyable and impactful real estate career ? Let’s chat and get acquainted. My coaching program is tailor made just for you, where you will experience the deep dive into real estate that suits your schedule, abilities and maximizes your talents.

This is not a class of hundreds of agents following a static template. I will guide you on your unique mission that will empower you and provide the tools to succeed.

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